Levofloxacin – Pricing and Availability

Levofloxacin – Pricing and AvailabilityLevofloxacin is a popular antibiotic known as Levaquin in US and Tavanic and European Union in other countries. This drug belongs to fluroquinolone drug class and is used for treatment of several bacteria induced ailments such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections and abdominal troubles. The antibiotic can be used along with other antibacterial drugs for the treatment of above mentioned infections.

Medically, the drug has been used for treatment of urinary tract infections, community acquired pneumonia, nosocomial pneumonia, anthrax, skin and skin structure infections. The uses of Levofloxacin are restricted and regulated worldwide because of their possible but rare side effects such as tendon ruptures. Levofloxacin is proven to provide relief in acute case of sinusitis, skin, lungs, ears and airway infections along with conditions like prostatitis and diarrhoea.

Levaquin is the name by which Levofloxacin is branded and marketed in the US. The drug is available only on prescription. Preparation of this drug is available in tablets as well as oral solutions. In several countries, premix ready to use injections of Levofloxacin are also available.

Levofloxacin price varies from region to region as well as medicine maker. The generic versions of this medicine are widely available, making the generic cheaper than the branded, marketed ones.

Levofloxacin – Dosage and Preparations

Levofloxacin price primarily depends upon its preparation, generic availability and its prescribed dosage. The general drug is available in 250, 500 and 750 mg variants in tablets. Oral solutions are available as 25 mg/ml, while injections are available for 500 mg/20ml and 750 mg/30 ml. Usually, Levofloxacin is prescribed for 3-14 days and the dosage varies from 250 mg to 750 mg. For conditions like Anthrax, the drug is generally recommended for 60 days, 500 mg daily.

Levofloxacin is not prescribed to children. Adult dosage for pneumonia requires intake of 750 mg orally, each day for 5 days, and 500 mg orally daily for 10 to 14 days for treatment of sinusitis. Similar concoction is recommended for bronchitis for 7 days. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections require patients to consume 250 mg orally once daily for 3 days. Practitioner monitors any possible side effects of the drug before prescribing it to the patient. Some of the side effects associated with Levofloxacin include tendon rupture, which is rare but has higher occurrence among older patients. People may experience muscle weakness, arrhythmia or palpitations. In case of such symptoms, medical advice is necessary.

Levofloxacin – Pricing and Availability

Levofloxacin – Pricing and Availability (2)Levofloxacin cost is determined by its availability in branded and generic forms. Generic Levaquin, a common fluroquinolone antibiotic is available for $79.50 on an average for 100 tablets, each with 500 mg of Levofloxacin. This generic version is available all over US as well as in several parts of Europe.

Levofloxacin is available at all major pharmacies superstores with medicinal counters like Walmart. The prices vary. For instance, Levofloxacin Price at CVS Pharmacy is just a little over 33 dollars for 50 tablets of 500 mg each. Prices may be over 100 dollars for 50 tablets for certain generics, but due to availability of online coupons as well as discounts, generic Levofloxacin cost is reduced to 34.30 dollars at Walmart and 37.16 dollars at Kmart and Kroger Pharmacy.

On the other hand, 50 tablets of Levaquin 500 mg (brand) are available for at least 969 dollars from Health Warehouse. Walmart offers the branded version for 1,144.14 dollars for 50 tablets.

Levofloxacin’s ophthalmic solution is also available in branded and generic forms. Quixin provides 15 ml eye dropper solution of this drug, which is available from Costco for $86.81 with coupons. The prices are little lower at Walmart and Sams Club, where the medicinal solution is available for $85.96. Eye droppers of generic kind are available for 33.66 dollars at Walgreens and $58.58 at Costco.

Oral solutions of Levofloxacin generic are available at a price of $225.15 from Walgreens which supplies 473 ml of 25mg/ml of Levofloxacin. The prices are higher at Kmart and Kroger Pharmacy where the solution is available for almost $450.

Before buying Levofloxacin, ask your doctor whether you should opt for generic or branded version of the drug. Your doctor shall access you and the possible side effects of the medicine before prescribing you the dosage for Levofloxacin.